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Effective Listening

Whether you are the leader of your home or of a large organization, effective listening is a skill that will help you improve your relationships and increase your influence. Being an effective listener alters the dynamic of your team and has many benefits. It can lead to more effective teamwork, higher productivity, fewer conflicts and errors, enhanced innovation and problem-solving, and more.

Studies in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have determined that leaders actually “infect” the workplace (for better or for worse) with their attitudes and energy. To consciously and intentionally create an environment of collaboration and productivity, leaders need to be good listeners and communicators.

Effective listening is one of the most underutilized skills we have. To be a more effective listener, try these simple tips:

– Be genuinely curious.

– Seek first to understand.

– Ask questions to clarify.

– Repeat back what you have heard.  

– Quiet your self-talk and focus on others.

– Maintain eye contact.

– Use body language that says you are open and interested.

– Don’t interrupt.

By practicing just a few simple listening techniques, you can dramatically change the environment of your home or office.


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