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Understanding Microaggressions Against Black Women in the Workplace

Updated: May 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered how your organization (and you) can address gendered racial microaggressions in the workplace? According to the World Economic Forum, 36% of Black women who experienced microaggressions within the workplace were more likely to quit their jobs within two years.

Microaggressions against Black women in the workplace are amplified because they are subjected to both gender-driven microaggressions and racial ones. My colleague, Asanat Odeyale, and I created an infographic addressing gendered racial micro-aggressions, the impact of microaggressions against Black women in the workplace, and mitigations for Black women and organizations from an I/O Psychology perspective.

To discover how we would work together to design inclusive leadership and well-being programs that address gendered racial microaggressions in your organization, Contact me today.


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